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Rubbish Removal: How Going Green Helps the Environment & Saves You Money

To many, the waste collection and disposal industry conjures up images of unsightly rubbish tips and the end result of a mass consumerist lifestyle. While much of the attention may be on the waste produced by a “take, make, waste” mindset, the manner in which rubbish and waste are disposed of can greatly mitigate the threat posed to the environment while ending up costing less than simply dumping everything at the landfill.

This post will examine how waste and rubbish removal services can be environmentally friendly and cost-efficient for your home or business.

What Happens to All of Your Rubbish?

It’s first important to consider how rubbish and waste are collected, sorted, and disposed of. In NSW and other states and territories in Australia, waste is managed either at a landfill, organics processing facility, recycling facility, or sent to an energy recovery facility, depending on the type of rubbish or waste.

According to EPA data from 2019-2020, around 64 per cent of all municipal solid waste is recycled in NSW. That same figure, 64%, is diverted from landfills in NSW, amounting to nearly 14 million tonnes. The massive quantity of waste diverted from landfills is either recycled or processed into energy, for example, which helps ease the impact of waste on the environment and contributes to more of a circular economy model.

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How Eco-Friendly Rubbish Removal Helps the Environment

Not all rubbish removal services produce a net positive for the environment. Rogue fly-tippers do operate and should be avoided since they operate illegally and dispose of waste on private property or on motorways in the wee hours of the morning.

Instead, always ensure that your preferred rubbish removal provider operates in an eco-friendly manner. Eco-friendly rubbish removal companies strive to collect and sort all rubbish to determine what is recyclable and what is not, as well as sort through bulky items that can possibly be donated to charities or refurbished.

Often, homeowners and business owners need to have rubbish hauled off from their property but they may not know how to sort through the different types of rubbish and waste. An experienced rubbish removal company can collect all rubbish and sort it out in the appropriate category, which can often lead to much higher diversion of waste from landfills and more rubbish and waste being sent to recycling facilities, for example.

Why Eco-Friendly Rubbish Removal Saves You Money

When rubbish removal companies choose to recycle, they can potentially save a lot of money which can translate to more competitive prices for customers. Companies that refurbish or donate items often do so at absolutely no cost. This all contributes to reducing the total weight of waste dumped at the landfill, which is often charged per tonne.

Therefore, rubbish removal companies have a perfectly good incentive to reduce landfill waste whenever possible. It saves them money, which enables them to charge more competitive prices and yield better profits for themselves while benefiting the environment by minimising needless landfill waste.

When choosing a rubbish removal company for your home or business, never hesitate to ask about their eco-friendly practices. Waste Clear diverts over 860 tonnes of waste from landfills every month and processes over 485 tonnes of recyclables every month.

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The choice for eco-friendly rubbish removal is clear – choose waste services Sydney.

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