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Dani Ch
Very professional and easy to deal with. Highly recommended đź‘Ś
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Mahmoud Kaddour
Recently changed from a leading market dominant company to waste clear, the professionalism, and value for money is second to none. They have demonstrated that they actually care for the customer and will go above and beyond to service us. Highly recommended.
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Mohamad Chakas
We have been using waste clear for a while now. Best waste business we have dealt with and their pricing is very competitive. Highly recommended. Very professional team
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Noah Gallagher
Super easy to deal with and fast replies. Would recommend.
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excellent service, very efficient and professional. I would highly recommend Waste Clear
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xiaoqian yang
Very nice staff, quick response. The staff is polite and professional, cleaned the heavy carboard that occupied 2/3 of our study room within 15mins. Will return to them next time.
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greg mcair
Always on time, clear contract terms and great pricing. Have been with many other companies for my Resturant and constantly had problems. Now have a great service with waste clear and no more headaches.

Waste Clear offers reliable and bulk collection services for commingled recycling in Sydney for local business and commercial spaces looking for a way to manage their mixed recyclable waste. 

With sustainability becoming an increasing concern for businesses in Australia, your business may find itself needing support in handling commingled recycling and waste management needs. 

Our team has over 25 years of experience in the waste & disposal industry and has developed specialised and efficient commingled recycling solutions to match any business needs – no matter how big or small. We can provide all the necessary equipment to ensure that your mixed recyclables are responsibly dealt with.

Waste Clear mixed recycling services

What’s Covered in Commingled or Mixed Recycling?

In short, commingled recycling refers to mixed recycling; allowing you to remove waste without separating. 

Mixed recycling offers a cost-effective method for commercial organisations and businesses to manage commonly recyclable waste. By collecting multiple waste types in one source, businesses can save on waste sorting costs while offering ease to consumers. Commingled recycling covers waste material that falls into the following categories:


All of the above materials are able to be collected at the same collection point, offering increased convenience for waste management. These mixed materials are then sorted at a waste processing facility to be recycled accordingly.

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Need Commingled Recycling Services in Sydney?

Our Bin Options for Commingled Recycling

Waste Clear can provide all types of waste bins for commingled recycling including regular wheelie bins and commercial steel bins in the following sizes:

Provided bins can come in a range of colours and customisation to match the branding of your business.

Tailored Mixed Waste Management in Sydney

Simplify your business’ waste disposal and boost recycling rates with Waste Clear’s customised commingled waste management solutions in Sydney. With our services, your business can conveniently dispose of commingled recyclables in a single bin. After collection, our team will handle the sorting and processing at a qualified processing facility to ensure responsible waste management according to EPA-standards in NSW.

We understand that your business’s needs are unique, which is why we tailor our services to businesses across Sydney. Depending on your waste needs, we can customise our waste management services to ensure you’re getting the services you need, at the frequency you need. By choosing Waste Clear for your waste management, your business can enjoy a seamless waste disposal routine with a single bin type at competitive prices.

Mixed Recycling Do’s and Don’ts:

Mixed recycling will cover a lot, but not everything. Here is an overview outlining the types of materials that can be disposed of in a commingled recycling bin, and those that cannot.

Items that can be disposed into commingled recycling bins:

  • Glass Bottles or Canisters
  • Tin Cans
  • Aluminium Cans
  • Plastic Milk Containers
  • Yoghurt Containers
  • Paper and Cardboard Scraps


Items that cannot be disposed into commingled recycling bins:

  • Soft Plastics (bubble wrap, plastic bags)
  • Styrofoam / polystyrene
  • Electronic Devices or Wires
  • Mirrors
  • Batteries
  • Food scraps

Why Choose Commingled Recycling

Commingled recycling becoming a popular alterative to general waste management for businesses all across Australia. The main reason for this is that commingled recycling is often significantly cheaper than general waste collection for the same size bin. 

Not only that, but commingled recycling also requires less load on your business resources to meticulously sort material types before disposal — if an item belongs on the list of recyclable materials above, it can simply we tossed into the same bin, saving valuable time and effort. 

Choosing mixed-recycling for your business’s waste helps to improve its overall contribution to Australia’s sustainability efforts, while offering cost-benefits and improved efficiency for your business. 

Contact Waste Clear today to find out how we can help provide you with all the necessary provisions for commingled recycling, including bins and collection services.

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