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Waste Clear is committed to providing a sustainable future for the generations to come. Whether a small or large footprint, every step matters towards a better tomorrow.

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Waste Clear is 100% Australian owned & operated. Our strong family values are reflected in our customer service.

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We have over 25 years of experience providing waste management solutions to Businesses & Commercial clients.

Our Services

Waste Clear provides a comprehensive range of Waste Management Services to suit all business types and requirements.

View our services below to learn more about how we can assist you.

General Waste

Cost effective General Waste solutions with many bin sizes available to suit your needs
Our General Waste services can be tailored to suit any business from restaurants, cafes, strata plans to shopping centres and corporate offices.


Full range of Recycling services such as Commingled, Paper and Cardboard
Recycling services to suit your business needs and volume. We can offer flexible equipment and collection options. Help us work towards a better tomorrow.

Organic Waste

Sustainable Organic collection and recycling solutions
Our Organics solutions help to divert food waste and scraps from landfill. The collected material is then processed and turned into reusable energy.

Liquid Waste and Oil

Solutions for all Liquid Waste collections, treatment and disposal
Providing EPA compliant Grease Trap servicing. We can also assist with your Cooking Oil collection and treatment.

Rubbish Removal

Providing bulk Rubbish Removal and hard waste services
Bulk Rubbish Removal and Hard Waste solutions. Waste Clear can provide scheduled services for residential developments or businesses.

Hook & Skip Bins

A range of commercial skip bins available to suit your requirements
From large construction projects to a small bathroom renovation. We have a range of Skip bins starting from 2m3 up to 35m3 hook lift bins.
sydney waste services

About Waste Clear

At Waste Clear, we strive to provide you with seamless, worry free and cost effective commercial waste management Sydney solutions. 

We have a strong commitment to our core values of safety, customer service and reliability, all while reducing environmental impacts through recycling.

For a Waste Services partner you can rely on, choose Waste Clear.

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Solutions for Your Industry

When you require a reliable and cost efficient Waste Management services partner, look no further than Waste Clear. We understand your business needs and can tailor services to suit all different industry types. Together with strong core values of customer service and safety, we will go above and beyond to ensure you wont have to worry about your waste and recycling services again, while maintaining the highest level of environmental and regulatory standards.

Facilities and Commercial Property

You need a one stop shop when it comes to reliable waste management services. Never worry about waste again when you partner with Waste Clear.

Retail and Hospitality

From small shops to large shopping centres, Waste Clear provides all types of general waste, food waste, recycling services and liquid waste collections.

Schools and Universities

At Waste Clear we can help your organisation drive the reduction of waste and increase recycling. With customised data reporting and regular waste health checks, we work with you to constantly improve your sites.

Health and Aged Care

Waste Clear provides timely and cost effective waste management services ranging from medical waste, treatment of hazardous materials and sharps disposal.

Residential and Strata Plans

From large scale developments to small strata plans, Waste Clear provide all types of waste and recycling collections as well as rubbish removal services. Our fleet includes low height trucks capable of servicing directly from loading docks or basements.

Manufacturing and Warehousing

Waste Clear can provide all types of recycling and waste services to suit your requirements. With a range of recycling equipment available to suit medium to large volumes of material.

Waste Management in Sydney

Waste collection and disposal that is environmentally conscious is the right thing, but it is also the most cost-effective. That’s great news for Sydney’s environment. The more you can recycle, the more money you’ll save, and the associated costs of handling the materials will be offset.

We’ve thought of everything regarding waste management in Sydney for businesses and residents, and we’d love to hear from you. If a diverse and customized range of waste collection services in Sydney appeals to you, we want to reassure you that your waste is handled responsibly.

Methods of Waste Disposal in Sydney

There is a variety of waste management Sydney strategies and methods to choose from. These strategies can be mixed and matched to create a waste management system that works for a company. Modern Sydney waste services emphasize sustainability, and other options include waste reduction, reuse, and recycling.

Recycling, also known as physical reprocessing, is a great way to eliminate inorganic waste like plastic, glass, and metals. Organic waste substances, for example, paper and food, can be recycled, but composting is a better method of converting organic waste into nutrient-rich fertilizer.

Waste to energy, or WtE, converts non-recyclable waste into heat, electricity, or fuel through renewable energy sources such as anaerobic digestion and plasma gasification. The biological reprocessing of animal manure and human excreta into methane-rich biogas is anaerobic digestion.

To convert hazardous waste into syngas, plasma gasification uses a plasma-filled vessel operating at high temperatures and low oxygen levels. Bioremediation, which uses microorganisms to treat contaminants, toxins, and pollutants, is another option for disposing hazardous waste.

Need For Sydney Waste Management? Hire Us

The first thing Sydney-siders need to be aware of is the city’s great variety of possible waste services in Sydney. As the metro region sprawls a huge distance from the northern beaches to the Blue Mountains and south to the Royal National Park, this is only to be expected. There is a multitude of waste recycling and waste disposal services in Sydney.

Many Sydney waste management companies operate throughout the city of Sydney and in smaller regional areas. As prices for Sydney waste services for collections and disposals are continually increasing yearly, it is more important than ever to shop around and compare prices for bin services.

When your waste provider is working out the cost of collecting your bins, they will have to take the levy into account and factor that into the weight of your bins. The heavier your bins are, the more they will cost to dispose of! Hence, you need to choose professional waste collection services in Sydney wisely.

What is a Waste Handling System?

The strategy used by waste management companies in Sydney to dispose of, reduce, reuse, and prevent waste is known as a waste management or waste handling system. Recycling, composting, incineration, landfills, bioremediation, and waste minimization are all options for waste disposal. You can easily get all these waste disposal services in Sydney at Waste Clear.

Waste Management Prices in Sydney

The high cost of waste disposal services in Sydney has ensured that recycling is very cost-effective for most small businesses. Due to the large population, major waste companies have invested in Sydney’s sorting and waste recycling facilities that ensure more potential waste can be recycled into reusable paper, cardboard, metals, etc.

Rebates payable for high-quality recyclable commodities tend to be higher in Sydney, as transporting, processing, and recycling any collected materials is more cost-effective. Some major waste collection also enables families and school groups to visit some of the more advanced recycling facilities.

You can check your Commercial rubbish removal services cost for your bin sizes, waste streams, and collection schedules online. Before signing a long-term waste contract for your garbage bin collection or disposal service, get acquainted with all the relevant price information. It will help you make the right decision.

Get Reliable Waste Services in Sydney Instantly

We started our waste management services in Sydney with some big goals at Waste Clear. First and foremost, we wanted to avoid sending as much waste as possible to landfills. Second, we want to assist our customers in avoiding overpaying for garbage recycling. As a result, we buy in bulk and pass along the savings.

Finally, we wanted to coordinate resource recovery to get in and out as quickly as possible. We have been serving as one of Sydney’s best waste management companies for years. We guarantee that the hidden part of the waste management services in Sydney is as sustainable as possible.

We utilize state-of-the-art sorting and processing facilities at Sydney’s best resource recovery centers. Best waste management companies in Sydney, like Waste Clear, understand any business or household inevitably generates that waste, but helping you diminish the effect on the environment is at the core of everything we do.

If you are looking for Grease Trap Cleaning, Biohazard Waste Services, Liquid Waste Disposal and Skip Bin Hire in Sydney.

Get in touch with Waste Clear for the best removal services.

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